‘Muslim apostates threatened over Christianity’

The Sunday Telegraph interviews a young woman who was shamefully treated by her family after she converted from Islam to Christianity. With the assistance of such “experts” as Maryam Namazie and Patrick Sookhdeo – of, respectively, the ultra-left sectarian Worker Communist Party of Iran and the right-wing evangelical Barnabus Fund – the case is used to illustrate the supposedly barbaric culture that prevails within Muslim communities in the UK.

Namazie offers her opinion that “many of the deaths classified as ‘honour killings’ are actually murders of people who have renounced Islam”. Needless to say, the Torygraph doesn’t ask her to provide any evidence for this claim. Nor is there any attempt to demonstrate that hostility towards those who change their religion is any more prevalent among Muslims than in other faith communities.

No, the predictable line is that violent hatred of apostates is rooted in Islam. And Sookhdeo is on hand to provide the appropriate quote: “Most Muslim scholars say that Muslim religious law – sharia – requires the death penalty for apostasy.” The Torygraph concludes: “Given the acceptance by some that Muslim religious law does indeed require that apostates be killed, it is hardly surprising that many ordinary Muslims think that it is their religious duty to carry out that punishment – or at least to threaten it.”