‘Multiculturalism’s failure’

“The Communities Minister, Ruth Kelly, has set up a commission to examine ‘integration and cohesion’ in British society. As she launched this, she suggested that the ‘multiculturalism’ model was not entirely successful. You can say that again. With so many alienated young Muslims emerging from British society – the Americans are appalled that so many of those who stand accused of intended terrorism are British citizens – it is evident that there is something seriously amiss with our present version of multiculturalism…. if a nation is to prosper, and not produce sullenly alienated young people, the civil standards of the host culture must also be commonly accepted. Certain values have to bind people together to develop a loyalty to this host culture, including the Queen, the English language, the British traditions of law and civil society, and the religious heritage – which I would call Judeo-Christian….”

Mary Kenny in the Jewish Chronicle, 9 September 2006