Multiculturalism ‘past its sell-by date’ claims Cantle

Secularism 2012

The Daily Telegraph reports that Ted Cantle, author of a notorious 2001 report into riots in Bradford, Oldham and Burnley, will deliver a speech at a National Secular Society conference next week in which he argues that the idea of multiculturalism in Britain is now “well past its sell-by date”.

Cantle calls for a halt to all state funding for projects and services aimed at or run by religious groups or individual ethnic communities. He asserts that such projects are turning Britain into a divided society and amount to a form of state-sponsored segregation.

Appearing along with Cantle at the NSS conference will be Richard (“Islam is the greatest man-made force for evil in the world today”) Dawkins, the Islamophobic drunk Nick Cohen, and Maryam (“terrorism is justified and encouraged in Islam”) Namazie. So he’ll be in good company.