Mosque critic brands himself the ‘Christian choice’ for mayor

Alan Craig in churchA councillor who campaigns against a “mega mosque” near the Olympic Park in Stratford is to run for London mayor. Alan Craig, leader of the Christian People’s Alliance opposition group on Newham council, is to be a candidate in the 1 May poll. He will also run for the London Assembly and could win a seat if he secures five per cent of the votes cast across the capital. He has been chosen to represent the Christian Party and will brand himself the “Christian choice”.

Mr Craig has been active in opposing the mosque proposed for West Ham, which would be the biggest in Europe. He says it “must be challenged for the sake of open, diverse London” because it is being backed by “separatist Islamic sect” Tablighi Jamaat. He said: “Londoners are right to be proud of our diverse and multi-ethnic capital where openness and tolerance are vital for our thriving world-class city. This proposed national landmark mosque stands for separateness and secrecy and against social cohesion.”

Evening Standard, 12 February 2008

See here for an example of Craig’s contribution to the tolerance that is vital for our thriving world-class city.

Watch Craig’s campaign video here.