More on the Taunton ‘giant mosque’ hoax

A hoaxer who spread a false rumour that a mosque was being built on a Christian-run centre has been accused of stirring up racial and religious hatred. More than 1,500 protestors on a cloned Facebook page criticised ‘plans’ for “a giant mosque” on the site of the YMCA, in Lisieux Way, Taunton. The claims were rubbished by the YMCA, which owns the building, and landowner Taunton Deane Council.

Now Jimmy Higgerson, who was falsely named as the site originator, has hit back. “Somebody’s started setting up Facebook groups using my name,” said Mr Higgerson, a club doorman who works for a builders’ merchant. “It’s a bit of an annoyance – I’m the victim. The site doesn’t reflect my views and isn’t something I approve of. I’m not anti-Muslim, but this person has started racial and religious tensions.”

This is the West Country, 20 January 2010