More on Baroness Cox and the threat of sharia law

CBC House of Lords Symposium

It turns out that the meeting at the House of Lords on Monday where Baroness Cox made her hysterical claims about the threat of sharia law was the annual symposium of the Christian Broadcasting Council, of which Cox is vice-president. It was titled “Islamist Resurgence: Shari’a and freedom” and Cox was billed as speaking “on matters arising out of her Private Members Bill on Gender Equality and Shari’a”.

CBC press release reporting on the symposium omits Cox’s most inflammatory comments, as quoted in the Sun and the Mail, but does contain some interesting additional details. Sharing the platform with Cox at the symposium was none other than former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali. According to the press release:

Together they warned of the threat to rape victims if Sharia law were to be allowed in the UK.

“Under Sharia Law if a woman wants to bring a charge of alleged rape she is obliged to provide four independent Muslim witnesses,” said Lady Cox.

“Failure to do so might result in the rape victim being accused of fornication and adultery,” added Bishop Michael.

He warned that Sharia law could be used to justify child marriage. “You will have child marriage, because as soon as a girl begins her periods, she is eligible to be married. How will you maintain a minimum age for marriage?” …

Another concern is that so-called honour attacks could be given legitimation.