More from the far-right Islamophobes’ meeting at the European Parliament

Stephen Lennon at European Parliament

The International Civil Liberties Alliance and its supporters continue to post material from the ICLA meeting at the European Parliament earlier this week.

A video of EDL leader Stephen Lennon’s speech is now online. Not that it provides any fresh insights into the mindset of this whining, self-pitying little bigot, although it does underline the fact that he’s a lying toerag. Lennon got a round of applause for his claim that the EDL repudiates the neo-Nazis of the National Front (“Islamism and Nazism, opposite sides of the same coin to us”). You can only suppose his audience was unaware of the EDL’s joint demonstration with the NF in Newcastle last month during which they launched a violent attack on a peaceful anti-Jubilee party.

Assisting “Tommy” with the microphone in the above screenshot is Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who was convicted on a charge of anti-Muslim hate speech in Austria last year. Another participant was Lars Hedegaard, whose own conviction for inciting hatred against Muslims in Denmark was recently overturned on a technicality. Hedegaard was presented with the ICLA’s “Defender of Freedom Award” at the meeting in recognition of his role in stoking Islamophobia.

Another speaker, whose warning to the meeting on the dangers of sharia (“Freedom of religion, if it means that any form of religion can have its way, is a recipe for civil war”) is being enthusiasticallypromoted on the ICLA website, was Hans Jansen, a man who openly advocates the use of violence against Muslims. No doubt he and Lennon found they had a lot in common.

Lars Hedegaard reports that the room for the meeting was booked by the Belgian far-right party Vlaams Belang, which recently made the news when some of its members were accused of intimidating children during an anti-halal protest at a school barbecue.

It would be difficult to assemble a more poisonous collection of European Islamophobes.

EDL and NF