Mohammed cartoonist accuses BBC of ‘appeasing Muslim fanatics’

The BBC has been accused of appeasement of radical Islam by the artist behind one of the infamous cartoons of Mohammed. Kurt Westergaard claims the corporation’s decision not to air a recent interview with him came because they are petrified of upsetting Muslims extremists.

Mr Westergaard told the Daily Mail last night: “I am disappointed on behalf of the freedom of speech. Every time you are afraid I think you make a step backwards. That is depressing me.” He compared the BBC’s behaviour with the way countries tried to appease Hitler before the Second World War.

Daily Mail, 3 April 2009

When you get to the end of the article you find the following: “A BBC spokesman said last night: ‘No decision has been made yet. As and when one is, it will be based, as always, on editorial merit’.”