‘Me – racist?’ Diesel Balaam replies to his critics

Sick Face of Islam“Mr Fernando is right to say that racism has no place in the lesbian and gay community. As I wrote in the Gay & Lesbian Humanist magazine ‘… racism is the antithesis of Humanism. We are not concerned where people come from genetically or geographically, but we ought to care very much about where they are going, ideologically. Racial discrimination is abhorrent …’ In other words, no one should be discriminated against or victimised because of their race, ethnicity, or skin colour – however, we should (and I quote again from the article) ‘… hold people to account for their beliefs and the actions that arise from them’.”

Diesel Balaam defends himself against the accusation by Denis Fernando of LAGCAR and other critics that his article in the current issue of Gay and Lesbian Humanist magazine is racist.

Gay.com, 10 November 2005

Happily, Balaam’s article is now available online and readers can judge for themselves.