MCB replies to Dean Godson

Sir, Dean Godson (comment, August 23) criticises the Crown Prosecution Service’s investigation of Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, Undercover Mosque. Just two weeks ago, an imam at the Central Mosque, London, was grieviously assaulted. Any attempt by British Muslims to highlight such acts that are at least in part fuelled – we believe – by sections of the media fomenting anti-Muslim prejudice, are regarded by Mr Godson as a concerted effort to peddle a “victim culture”.

Moreover, Mr Godson’s accusation that the Muslim Council of Britain does not seek reform of British mosques cannot remain unanswered. Long before it became fashionable to look into the conduct of mosques and imams, the MCB led the way in promoting good practice in our British Muslim institutions. Even now, and without government help, we are spearheading a campaign to work with 100 mosques across the country and help to transform them into dynamic British institutions that are welcoming of all.

The Muslim Council of Britain

Letter in The Times, 25 August 2007