Mayor’s office defends Mohamed Ali Harrath

ConservativeHome carries a piece by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens (“Boris fails to tackle Islamic extremism“) revealing that it was the Centre for Social Cohesion who were behind the recent Sunday Express article (“Boris’s terror link“), which attacked the mayor of London for organising Eid in the Square in co-operation with the Islam Channel and allowing its CEO, Mohamed Ali Harrath, to address the event.

Meleagrou-Hitchens tells us that the CSC wrote to Boris Johnson complaining about his association with Mohamed Ali Harrath. They received the following response from the mayor’s office:

“The Islam Channel Chief Executive Mohamed Ali Harrath is not regarded as a threat by the British Government. He accompanied Robert Lambert, the former Head of the Met Police Muslim Contact [Unit] to a meeting last year with the Statutory Deputy Mayor. The Mayor’s office is proud to support Eid in the Square and this year’s celebrations were enjoyed by thousands of Londoners. The Islam Channel played a major factor in this success by broadcasting to millions of viewers in 132 countries.”