‘Mayor’s a burka’ says Sun columnist

Kelvin Mackenzie (2)“I am astonished that Ken Livingstone hasn’t declined the support of the 63 Muslim leaders who have written an open letter backing his election for yet another term as Mayor of London.

“After all, why should Livingstone, a long-time supporter of gay rights, want in his corner a religious group that hates homosexuals and advocates stoning them to death? Why should he want in his corner a religious group that makes second-class citizens of women, even to the point of marriages being dissolved at the sending of a text?

“Had it been any other group he would be calling for it to be outlawed. But he is so desperate for votes that he will embrace the ‘community’ no matter how disgusting or illiberal their views.

“My suspicion is that we are seeing the end of the Livingstone legend. Raise your game, Boris, and the prize can be yours.”

Kelvin Mackenzie in The Sun, 10 January 2007