Martin Freeman on multiculturalism

Chris Sullivan interviews Martin Freeman:

Politely, I comment on his lovely house and the tranquillity that surrounds it. “When I moved up here this woman I know said, ‘Ooh! There are a lot of whiteys up there’, and I said, ‘I love white people; I’ve no problem with them at all’. The idea was that I was going to complain because there weren’t enough blues dances out here; not enough ragga around. But I’m not bothered by it.

“Multiculturalism hasn’t and doesn’t help, because rightly or wrongly it polarises people so much,” he continues. “Racism is one thing – and I don’t agree with that in any form – but noticing that there are differences is normal and fine and to be encouraged. We’ve reached a state now where it’s, ‘You shouldn’t notice. Why are you noticing he’s got a bomb and has a beard and is Muslim and wants to kill your family’?”

Mail on Sunday, 4 May 2008