March today over Qaradawi visa

Qaradawi 5DOHA — While supporters of Qatar-based Islamic scholar Dr Yousuf Al Qaradawi have announced to protest in front of the British embassy this afternoon, a senior official of the embassy said here yesterday that the mission is welcoming any “peaceful protest”.

The protest plan follows the recent denial of entry visa for Qaradawi to the UK. “We recognize people’s right to protest peacefully and we have no problem about that,” Roddy Drummond, Head of Mission told the press yesterday.

Asked why Qaradawi was denied the visa, he said, “It was a decision by the British government and the reason was conveyed to Qaradawi.”

“We will inform our government about the demonstration but we can’t say whether it would make any change in their decision,” he added.

The official said the embassy had no security concerns arising from the demonstration plan. “We believe it will be a peaceful protest and we have full trust on the Qatari law enforcing authorities,” said Drummond, adding that the mission had not requested any special security arrangements.

The Peninsula, 20 February 2008