Mad Mel finds another film she likes

What the West Needs to Know“A propos the Wilders film Fitna, another longer film is now on line which does a much better job at informing people about Islam and exposing the absurd (early) claims by Tony Blair and George W Bush that Islamic terrorism apparently had nothing to do with Islam. Called What the West Needs to Know, it explains in a scholarly, authoritative but nevertheless accessible and balanced manner how the basic tenets of Islam have given rise to the global jihad, their implications and consequences and how they are the principal motor behind major conflicts around the world.

“… what the west simply doesn’t understand is that the Arab war against Israel is driven not by nationalism but by the religious drive to reconquer that territory for Islam, as a part of the medieval Islamic empire that is to rise once again from the ashes of the free world. The war against Israel is not a boundary dispute. It’s a religious war of conquest.”

Melanie Phillips’s blog, 31 March 2008