Mad Mel backs Carey

“The church should have the guts to sack the Archbishop … and pick a man who TRULY treasures British values”. So says Melanie Phillips. She applauds the stand against Rowan Williams’ abject cultural appeasement of the Islamic hordes by the likes of George Carey and Michael Nazir-Ali:

“What such critics understand only too well is the threat posed to this country by a brand of radicalised Islam, or Islamism, that wants to take it over. As Lord Carey said, Dr Williams’s comments will embolden those Muslims in their attempt to turn Britain into a country ruled by Islamic law which contravenes human rights. The only proper response to this threat is to say that not one inch of leeway will be given to it. But, instead, the Archbishop has gone down on his knees to welcome it. Astoundingly, he does not seem to understand that this country is being targeted by a pincer movement of terrorism and cultural takeover.”

Daily Mail, 11 February 2008