London likes multiculturalism

MayorMost Londoners believe multiculturalism is good for the capital despite the recent row over Muslim veils, according to a new survey.

The MORI poll for the Greater London Authority showed 70 per cent of residents felt London was a better place to live because of its “mix of cultures, languages and ethnicities”. Thirty-seven per cent said the diversity of the capital was “a very good thing” and 33 per cent “quite a good thing”. Seven per cent said it was “quite a bad thing” and six per cent a “very bad thing”.

Ken Livingstone said: “It is good to see Londoners have not been deflected from their enjoyment of multiculturalism by the intolerance we have seen from politicians over recent weeks. Londoners support a basic principle: we all have the right to be ourselves as long as we don’t interfere with the rights of others. That tolerance and respect for individual choice unites us and underpins our success as a global financial centre, welcoming companies and their staff from every part of the world.”

The poll found nearly three quarters of voters believe Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war led to the 7/7 terror attacks last year.

Evening Standard, 30 October 2006