Launch of anti-racist group ‘Sunderland Together’

Northern Patriotic Front (4)

Fascists protesting in Millfield against plan for new mosque

A project that aims to unite communities across Sunderland has launched in the City.

‘Sunderland Together’ was formed as a response to a series of violent protests at the site of a new mosque on St Marks Road in Millfield, which saw far-right groups clash with anti-fascists and members of the Muslim community.

The newly established organisation hopes to provide an alternative to extremism with the aim of tackling discrimination and building understanding and tolerance.

The project launch, attended by members of the public, trade unions, politicians and representatives from faith communities, has received the backing of the public sector trade union UNISON.

Helen Coomer, Regional Organiser, UNISON, said: “Sunderland Together is about recognising the value of diversity and inclusivity and creating a city that is free from bigotry and prejudice.”

Sky Tyne and Wear, 3 February 2013