Jon Gaunt rallies to the defence of ‘our tolerant society’

Yes, I know. It’s a bit like the Ku Klux Klan speaking out in support of equality.

Fanatical docs make me sick

By Jon Gaunt

Sun, 9 October 2007

LAST week Muslim zealots were refusing to sell alcohol in Sainsbury’s but this week the lunatics have really taken over the asylum. We now learn that some Muslim trainee doctors are refusing to treat people with drink or sexual problems.

These pious prats won’t be allowed to qualify as doctors if they refuse these aspects of their training, so instead of dithering and wasting our taxes on any more education for these fanatics we should simply tell them to fit in or ship out.

We should also not fall into the trap of thinking this is just an isolated incident, especially after the capitulation of Sainsbury’s over alcohol and now the news that Boots are allowing Muslim pharmacists the right to refuse to dispense the morning-after pill.

All of these zealots think they can get away with these outrages because we have singularly failed to tell people who want to live in this great country that they have to fit in with our way of life.

Even after 7/7 this Government still has the backbone of a blancmange when it comes to dealing with Muslims. Forget concerns about Islamophobia – we should be more concerned with how Muslims seem to be treated with kid gloves.

While the rest of the majority population are told to understand and tolerate their religion, certain members of the Muslim community seem to have carte blanche to walk all over our customs and traditions.

This week the amoebas in Government failed to ban outright the full veil in classrooms, leaving the decision with individual head teachers rather than laying down the law as they have done in France.

Some say we should ban all religious symbols in school but I disagree. This is a Christian country and 72 per cent of us in the last census professed to being Christian and there is a world of difference between a crucifix, a turban, a skullcap and the veil.

This face covering is not a religious symbol but is clearly a sign of repression and oppression. A woman can look modest without resorting to looking like a Dalek and almost becoming invisible in our modern liberal, tolerant society.

Now, in one final insult, we hear that a mad Muslim psychiatrist has been crowing in an NHS hospital prayer meeting about the British and American soldiers’ deaths.

A source revealed Dr Eltigani Adam Hammad, who should obviously be on a trick cyclist’s couch himself, said he supported al-Qaeda because they were “fighting for Islam”. He also praised Allah for events in Afghanistan and Iraq, where British “invaders” have been slaughtered.

The moderate Muslim hospital worker who blew the whistle on this loony has been granted anonymity because his life may now be in danger, but the “good” doctor is free to continue practising and picking up his wages of 70 grand a year.

I don’t know whom I hate the most – these religious fanatics or the politically correct prats in Government who have sold our great country down the river.