Jobless drunk yelled racist abuse at Muslim schoolgirls

A jobless drunk hurled racist abuse at three schoolgirls wearing traditional Islamic dress – upsetting them so much they took refuge in a shop, a court has heard.

Jamie Stopp, of Springfield Road, Etwall, targeted his three victims before shouting “England till I die”, Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court was told.

Lynne Manning, prosecuting, said the 23-year-old launched his attack in a retail park, upsetting the pupils to such a degree they sought safety in a shop.

Stopp later admitted downing up to five cans of super-strength lager and sharing a litre bottle of vodka. He was unable to recall making any racist remarks but claimed he was “having a laugh by saying England till I die”.

One of Stopp’s victims told police: “He looked really angry as if he hated us because we were not white.” The defendant admitted three counts of racially aggravated harassment on September 7 in Derby.

Burton Mail, 7 November 2012