Gardai hunt Irish racists who burned the Koran

A top Muslim has appealed for calm after a vile hate video was posted online by bigots in Galway.

Now gardai are probing the six-minute clip of racists burning the Koran. The “nationalist” nuts are anti-Muslim, anti-Jew, anti-gay and want to end all immigration into Ireland.

The book-burning has so far amassed just a few hundred hits on YouTube. But cops fear it is only a matter of time before the recording goes viral.

Islamic Cultural Centre spokesman Dr Ali Selim appealed to Irish Muslims not to demonstrate against the vid. He said:

“We vehemently deplore these actions. It is incitement to hatred and I call upon the Gardai to take immediate actions. It is very stupid behaviour. The Koran is in the heart of millions of Muslims and they try to live their lives according to it.”

But he added: “I appeal to Muslims in Ireland not to protest. Take the legal channels. These people are worthless. They want a reaction to cause controversy.”

The video begins with a declaration that the Nazi-style book-burning is a protest against Islam – which it warns is not welcome in Ireland. And the clip, which appears to have been shot in a fireplace, is blacked out in places to protect the identity of the cowards who made it.

Violence erupted across the Middle East in September after a video insulting the Prophet Muhammad went viral on the internet.

Irish Sun, 6 November 2012

The video clip still hasn’t gone anything like viral, and there is no sign at all of violence erupting in response to it. You can’t help suspecting that this will the cause of some disappointment in the editorial office at the Sun.