‘Jews against EDL’ organiser explains why she opposes pro-Israel racists

On Sunday the English Defence League mobilised outside the Israeli embassy for a rally in support of Israel with the guest speaker being Rabbi Nachum Shifren of The Tea Party, USA.

When I found out about the rally, which I was told was organised by the small but particularly vocal Jewish division of the EDL, I was fuming.

I felt there had to be a counter demonstration. So a few friends and I started organised one.

The EDL said of the event “we sympathise with what Israel are going through, it’s the only country in the west that is tackling the issues we highlight”. They go on to say… “our fore-fathers fought a Nazi regime and won to protect our god given human rights, we cannot allow such fascist ideologies try to rule our streets once again using the same racist tactics”.

The EDL dare to use the language of anti-Fascism to legitimise their political agenda. Speaking as a Jewish person, the idea that they would attack minorities and say they are doing it in part to protect and honor Jewish history is obscene.

Siobhan Schwartzberg at Liberal Conspiracy, 26 October 2010

See also “Protesters: ‘EDL lies when it says it speaks for Jewish people'”, UAF, 25 October 2010