‘Islam is mandated to kill, steal and destroy America’

Biblical Family Advocates

Pastor Phil Magnan, president of Biblical Family Advocates, has been reading World Net Daily. He warns:

“We must seriously consider the fact that Islam is no ordinary religion as it is obligated to overthrow the countries they begin to reside in. We have seen this in Europe, especially in the UK where entire cities have been taken over by radical Islamists. We are fools if we do not see the handwriting on the wall. We should consider deporting all Muslims before it’s too late. Why should we allow our national destruction in the name of political correctness?”

Mangan adds: “Jesus Christ spoke of those who would try to enter into heaven another way, rather than through Christ. He even said that these are the people who steal, kill and destroy. This has been the agenda of Islam ever since they destroyed Christian churches in Northern Africa over 1300 years ago…. it is Biblically and constitutionally incumbent for our government to protect us from those who plan evil against the families of our nation.”

Christian News Wire, 25 February 2008