Islam has made London a more conservative place than it was 50 years ago

So Ed West claims on his Telegraph blog. “The new conservatism of London has already had profound effects, as demographic changes gather pace”, he tells us.

The evidence West presents to justify the assertion that London’s Muslim community is having such an impact on a city in which 92% of the population is non-Muslim is, unsurprisingly, thin to say the least. He refers us to the hyped-up story about an alcohol ban at London Metropolitan University and to some swimwear adverts having been defaced in Tower Hamlets, where he invites us to believe there is a particular problem with homophobic violence (omitting to mention that the problem is much more serious in neighbouring Islington). Oh, and seven years ago Tate Britain decided not to show a piece of conceptual art that featured the Qur’an.

And that’s it. That’s the basis on which we’re asked to accept that Muslims (with some small assistance from “African Christians”) have turned London into “one of the most religiously conservative places in England”.

Still, West and his poorly argued piece do have their admirers:

New Daily Patriot Ed West

Here, from the Telegraph website, is a selection of the readers’ comments that West’s piece inspired:

“‘Conservative’ does not mean belonging to the dark ages. Reversing the Enlightenment’s freedom of thought and abolition of authoritarianism is not ‘conservative’. Censorship, chilling free critical thought is a return to pre western culture, and must be fought.”

“London is no longer English or part of the English culture. Very soon white people will be banished from large parts of what was once our Capitol city.”

“The fact is that Islam doesn’t belong in Britain and the British don’t want any part of it’s values or belief system. Native Britons want it out!”

“And its arselifting followers along with it.”

“Switching off their benefits is the only solution, end of problem.”

“I think you also need to consider repatriation options.”

“And what’s wrong with Islamophobia? if they are going to hate us and vow to make us submissive to our ways, why shouldn’t we loathe and fear them?”

“It is quite rational and normal that people should be fearful of an ideology which threatens their way of life (indeed perhaps even their lives!) and their whole belief system, in their own country.”

“‘Conservative’ can be used to refer to Western ways but not Islamic ways. That is something else.”

“Correct. Theirs is primitive, tribal and stone age.”

“I was never asked for my opinion concerning the unfettered immigration imposed upon us by treacherous politicians and EU officials. To see the fabric of society being destroyed by PC multi cultural nonsense is wrong and should be resisted at every opportunity.”

“The establishments policy is appeasement. Nothing is more important to them than appeasing the enemies of our country, civilisation and religion. They are cowards, traitors and quislings.”

“Don’t forget their idiotic catchphrase “Allah Akhbar!” That appears to be all many of them in their Hell Holes are capable of articulating. [Usually when moronically firing an AK47 into the air]”

“And the more of it the natives are served up the greater the resistance to it will be. The government just doesn’t get it: WE DON’T WANT ANY PART OF IT HERE IN BRITAIN! If the British government of 1936 had tried to impose NAZISM or COMMUNISM on that generation, the same feelings would have applied – NO THANKS!”

“Absolute rubbish, we have to turn off their benefits or our country will be taken from us.”

“Britons will resist in ever greater numbers against the threat this intolerant religion poses to our people and country.”

“This situation ends in a Yugoslavia-type conflict, with one major difference: this time, our Slobodan will prevail.”

“I can confirm that most university’s have been completely infiltrated by Islamists.”

“This, perhaps, is the scariest part of islamization of our society, because our youth at OUR universities are being indoctrinated, intimidated, and inundated with islamic mores and values, and not exploring our own. freedom of speech is being eroded away by the words ‘racist and racism’ every time someone questions all this.”

“How long before being ‘Stoned to Death’ in public is made legal? If you can’t adapt or are not willing to adapt to OUR way of life DON’T COME HERE!!!!!!!”

“It’s the great irony of politics that lefties and liberals want to import large numbers of very right-wing and often anti-democratic people from abroad.”

“There is nothing either right wing or conservative about Islam…. I can’t think of any right wing person who would support a group of people who treat women like third class citizens and want to bring barbaric laws into this country.”

“Lefties are self-hating losers and they don’t care what political or religious creed pitches up in London so long as they’re non white and regressive.”

“Its incredible how the tolerance preaching liberal left support Islam and all its intolerant attitudes towards western liberties. I cant understand their reasoning. Its a bit like the condemned man having a love affair with his would be executioner!”

“So, Ed, let’s have an article – the first not merely of many, but of thousands and tens of thousands – addressing the unimpeachable demand for the English to choose their own destiny in this, their ancestral land…. Let us have journalism that reflects the English worldview, the English voice, the English will. Let us have journalism that no longer seeks to cover up the genocide that is race-replacement immigration, but exposes it; that no longer seeks to lead us into the hell of multiracialism but tells us we can dispense with it completely … all of it, from first to last.”

“Will the London Metropolitan University’s vice-chancellor be proposing men free, christian free, Jew free and homosexual free zones for ‘the comfort’ of his muslim students?”

“He needs to institute Gay Free zones, Christian free zones, Buddhist free zones, Hindu free zones, Women’s Rights free zones, Tolerance free zones, Democracy free zones and Rational Thought free zones if he wants to make the Muslims happy.”

“You also forgot that they’ll also probably need a Grooming Room.”

“If you feel alcohol offends you then go study somewhere else. The only reason most of you come here is to overstay your welcome on a bogus student visa anyway!”

“Who cares about London? It’s a cesspit of crime & foreigners, import millions of people from backward primitive countries & you get a backward primitive society, end of.”

“I will say this about Muslims, Islam has shown that the left don’t hate the right wing; only English/European right wing. They love the fanatical Islamic right wing.”

“Please don’t insult the right wing of politics by grouping them with barbarians.”

“Will the London Metropolitan University be introducing separation of the sexes and a dress code for females as well?”

“Why don’t you write something about the rape of our children by Muslim adult gangs Ed?”

“Inner London will eventually be abandoned by all those with the means to escape creeping Islamofascism. It will be as alien as as the darkest Kasbah of the Ottoman Empire in a generation’s time. Only the tourist attractions and the West End will stand apart. Already London is totally unrepresentative of the nation of which it is capital.”

“I think you’ll find that the tourists soon decide to elsewhere when the new local population starts whipping them with sticks for wearing shorts and vest in the swealtering heat of July.”

“With those who wish to marginalise, denigrate and ultimately eradicate the laws, values, freedoms, culture and the native peoples of a land, there comes a stage when the choice is either resistance and ultimate victory, or submission and enslavement.”

“You want engagement and dialogue with people who believe in an intolerant and oppressive religion that requires the murder of Jews, homosexuals, apostates, non-believers and the oppression of women? Which planet are you on? Muslims don’t ‘engage’ they demand that you give way to them in everything – and that’s when they are in a minority!”

“Islam has lost its way in certain respects. But there have been great and tolerant Islamic civilazations in history. The grown-up question is how do we encourage people to move forward. I’m not sure what alternative solutions you are offering.”

“While we are waiting for them to move forward they will kill us.”

“Would you be kind enough to name ONE ‘Islamic civilisation’ that has demonstrated ‘tolerance’? The texts and tenets of Islam (i.e. Koran, etc) exhort Muslims to ‘subjugate/kill all non-Muslims’. Muslims usually only “tolerate” non-Muslims once they are ‘subjugated’ and pay the ‘jizyya’ tax (that only applies to non-Muslims).”

“How can you have any sort of dialogue with people who believe that their holy book is the actual word of their god unchangeable and relevant for all time? A book which commands them not to make friends with Christians and Jews, to kill the unbelievers wherever they find them, smite their necks and cut off their finger tips, and to kill as apostates those who lose their faith or convert to another? Islam is not just a religion. It is a system of government under shariah law and must be dominant. If it were reclassified as a political party and its ideology presebted as its manifesto it would be banned in a democratic country. Muslims are commanded by the Qur’an to ensure the domination of Islam throughout the world by any means possible, by forcible conversion, violence, murder, deception or enslavement until all other religions are destroyed and Islam reigns supreme.”

“Cut off their welfare benefits, and then pay them to go back to their Islamic paradises.”

“The Muslim ‘exagerrated sense of entitlement’ that Islamic ‘norms’ must ALWAYS prevail (whenever they conflict with UK law or other ‘norms’) usually nauseates non-Muslims.”

“What about the habits of muslimS that WE find evil and immoral? If WE voice our misgivings about, honour killings, forced marriages, female genital mutilation, the security risk posed by burkhas and niqabs, the grooming and exploitation for sex and prostitution of our white british children some as young as 11 by gangs of muslims men, then WE are accused of racism and Islamophobia. What WE are suffering from is ISLAMONAUSEA.!”

“Remembering, of course, that there is NO ‘race’ called either ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’. The ‘racism’ denegration has been ‘de riguer’ for Muslims and their apologists for decades. They have found it to be a very effective way of suppressing comment on Islam and Muslims.”

“Quite so. And I am perfectly happy to admit to anyone that I am an Islamophobe, in fact I am PROUD to be an Islamophobe.”

“Islam shouldn’t be ‘making’ London anything; this is not, thank God, an Islamic country and the demands of an alien immigrant group should not be given any consideration here.”

“Did the indigenous people give their consent to these changes? If so, how and when?”

“No. They did not. The majority of the electorate of England voted against immigration at the general elections in 2005 and 2010 but their voice was ignored and hundreds of thousands of immigrants entered the country against our wishes…. It is important to get the message across about the threat that mass immigration poses. It is like the thirties when England slept and there was a reluctance to rearm against the growing menace of Fascism in Germany.”

“Muslims are given a dispensation to kill animals in an inhumane manner which contravenes our laws, solely for religious reasons. However, they are abusing this privilege by killing far more animals than they require for their own needs and imposing their religious dietary law on the non- muslim majority by stealth.”

“I understand that Morrisons are the only major chain that doesn’t do halal. They should use the fact in their advertising but then they’d probably become a target for the next Muslim outrage.”

“Ed West. The words you were looking for were not conservative. They were backward and medieval. That is what Islam is doing in the UK. We are not goat herders and the habits of goat herders are not suitable for a modern country or society.”

“When was the last time Christians believed in forced marriages, honour killings, threating cartoonists and authors, stoning women, suicide bombing or mutilating the genitals of little girls.”

“I don’t think there are too many non-Muslims in the UK who would deny that Britain would be a better place without their presence. They only want to impose. Nothing else.”

“It makes my blood boil that these people with their backwards 7th century ideas are allowed into the country. There will be a civil war and after we have won (the army is still on our side currently) I will happily pull the lever that drops that traitorous bast**d Blair and stretches his neck.”

“Switching off their benefits is the only solution. End of problem.”

“London Metropolitan University will soon be a no-go area. Appeasing Islam will simply make it stronger until only Muslims want to go there. I hope the university goes bankrupt.”

“If alcohol can be banned because some foreigners think it is evil, why can’t the production, sale and consumption of Halal food be banned because the natives think it is evil? Our rulers are very clearly, slowly but steadily giving Muslims a privileged position.”

“Allowing muslims into the UK has been the biggest mistake EVER in the history of these islands. Make no mistake about it – muslims will only be satisfied when the UK is a sharia state, with NO tolerance for any other kind of life. They want to utterly destroy everything we hold dear about Britain, whether it be a few pints at weekend or women being able to choose a career or whether to marry or have children. Islam is the enemy of civilisation and there will be a war in the not-too-distant future as we of the West have to fight for our lives against the utter filth and scul we call muslims. NuLabout are to blame – if the muslims win the coming war, our descendants, living in America or those parts of Europe not controlled by Islam, will speak of Blair and Brown and Straw in the same way modern-day Jews speak of Hitler and Goebells and Heydrich.”

“Islam cannot be modernised it can only be rejected and destroyed.”

“The thing to do is fire-bomb the mosque, just like they do to churches in Islamic countries right across the world from Bali to Turkey.”

“We could disquise a jumbo jet as some sort of modern mega mosque, then fly them to the nearest Islamic country, where they can live happily as honour killing, non-bacon sarnie eating, free range muslims.”

“Repeat after me; I Hate Islam!”

“It’s not Islam we should hate, but our own treacherous politicians, who invited millions of Muslims and other 3rd worlders to become British citizens.”

“Even if no Muslim had ever set foot on British soil, I would still hate Islam. I hate it because it is violent, intolerant and supremacist. I hate it because it condones slavery, murder and relegates women to the status of chattels and non-Muslims to the level of pigs and dog saliva. I hate Nazism for similar reasons.”

“Wherever infidel laws, customs and ideology come into conflict with Islamic laws and traditions, it is the Infidel who must give way.”

“Islam is an evil religion, I’m not sure what led to it becoming beyond critisism, but it’s clearly a barking mad faith. Mind you, I’m an athiest so I find all religions a bit bonkers, but Islam is off the charts. More worrying to me though, is that British police have arrested people for critising it.”

“It is not really a religion. It is a political ideology of conquest and subjugation (Its name means Submission, after all) complete with a set of laws dictating exactly how anyone, Muslim or not will live his/her life in an Islamic society, the whole thing being wrapped up in the disguise of a religion, thus making it particularly insidious and difficult to dislodge once established.”

“‘Islam has made London a more conservative place than it was 50 years ago’ Yeah, West…and in another 50 years it’ll be back in the Stone Age.”

“In parts of London women risk abuse and threats if they don’t wear a veil.”

“Whenever Islam is militarily weak, it pursues advancement (jihad) by other means —cultural jihad . The salami slice process. In reality it has nothing to do with religious piousness and devotion. It is all political…. The idea is to make your host culture by a process of mission creep incrementalism , to be trained in a Pavlovian conditioning reflex to understand that wherever Islamic law and infidel law come in conflict, that it is Islamic Sharia law that reigns supream. It is a form of supremacist cultural apartheid …. All the concessions , all the appeasments, –the foot baths at airport , the prayers rooms in universities, the alchohol bans, the blind dog Muslim taxi driver bans , the complicity of the UK judicary to sentence Darren Clark to 12 months in prison for violating Sharia blasphemy law by putting an poster critical of islam in his window, — the Imams who after every Muslim terrorist bombing or youth thug attack on on-Muslims –zoom at the speed of a flying bullet to the nearest always compliant infidel media outlet to proclaim their fears that at this could lead to the famous backlash against Muslims that never comes— all of it is a carefully orchestrated bad-cop/good cop victimhood / domination –push-pull, psy-ops campaign based on the 1400 years well practised and well honed art of warfare by deceit, faux outrage, intimidation, violence and the womb.”

“Enoch was right, wasn’t he? In a few decades, there will need to be crusades sent to the caliphates of Bradford, Birmingham and London, to free the minority dhimmis. Also in Paris, Rotterdam and Cologne. Meanwhile, the righteous should wait it out in free countries in Eastern Europe and the BRICs. Perhaps Scotland, New Zealand and Malta too. Play the long game, folks. Let the horde overrun London and Bradford. The ‘Endloesung’ can only be successfully implemented once the pendulum has fully swung.”

“Where is the London Metropolitan University situated? Mostly in Tower Hamlets, a hotbed of Islamic extremism. Whatever next, will all female students have to wear headscarves, will only halal food be on the menu? … This constant obsequious subservience to Islamic supremacists by liberal useful idiots is taking us further down the road to the Islamic European Caliphate.”

“Islam and it’s adherents should be moved out of the country, full stop. Their’s is a way of life that is totally abhorrant to decent living people. Full stop. Anyone finding any scrap of sympathy in this country for Islam, in whatever shape is a traitor.”

“Remember the power of the block vote, the Con.Lib.Lab will chase that at whatever cost even your children’s future. Vote BFP, UKIP or an independent to get your country back.”

“The organised group exploitation of young girls seems to be almost entirely a muslim crime, so much so that I cannot find a case of it NOT commited by them.”

“So we’re agreed that a 56 year old man who has sex with a 9 year old girl is a disgusting paedophile.”

“The customs which rural Muslim peoples bring here now are the most backward customs of the times. Why are we permitting face covering at all? It is on a par with slavery.”

“Religious Muslims believe apostates should be killed.”

“I blame left liberals for their stranglehold on the media, education and other institutions. I blame right liberals for their production of crass, commercialized trash culture. The two groups work together attacking on two fronts. And of course they are the groups most active and vocal in genocidal immigration as well.”

“The people of Europe have never been asked or voted for mass immigration so IT IS being done by force…. Europeans have to stand and watch as their homelands are turned into utterly alien enclaves and face minority status later this century.”

“Europe is being colonized and Europeans are heading into a minority status in their own lands!”

“On average, European women of child-bearing age are having only one child while their Muslim counterparts are averaging four. Do the sums – this means that the white population halves with each passing generation while the Muslim population doubles. And this doesn’t take into account the fact that more and more Muslims are pouring in from the 3rd World every hour of every day.”

“The notion that Islam made great contributions to civilization has been done to death by Muslims and debunked to the point of exhaustion. Or that we are in some way in debt to them. This is nothing more than Muslim feel-good political propaganda.”

“‘Societies without native social conservatives tend to end up importing them.’ Because the freedom-loving market creates wealth which attracts them from their stone-age hell-holes. So that they can replicate them here. And, unlike in the Far East, our ruling establishment has endorsed this situation to the point of treason.”

“Islam has made London the biggest shit hole on the planet, Bradford being the next.”

“The presence of an ever increasing Muslim population in every European country (whose indigenous populations are aging and shrinking fast) is not only an ever-growing threat to European nations retaining their cultural identity but an ever-growing threat to their very existence. Only the repatriation of these unwanted and unnecessary dangerous 3rd World colonists will save us from oblivion…. Open the Koran at random and it’s virtually guaranteed that there’ll be ‘hate’ staring you right in the face. It really makes me laugh when reports come in of ‘hate-filled literature’ being found in a mosque. What else do they expect to find in a mosque – the sheet music to Kumbaya? ”

“There is and will be an increasing split in society between the Liberal leftist and people who still believe in the worth of their nation and god forbid their race. You cant reconcile that. Maybe at pre 1997 levels of migrants you could have had a reasoned debate but we will NEVER accept the numbers as they are as to do so is our destruction.”

“Brits are aware of the vengeance-narrative emanating from immigrant circles. Hatred, envy and revenge posing as demands for ‘equality’ and the like. Justifying mass colonisation on the basis of the Raj or ‘slavery’ stories of old and so on. Self-preservation is good and right…. Our political establishment is guilty of heinously betraying the nation which created it. The crucifixion of Enoch Powell was only the beginning of our slide into the authoritarian social-engineering which followed.”

“In the 7th century, Islam expanded from a desert tribe, and by the time 1000 years later it had stopped expanding, it had managed to colonise by the sword 1/5th of the planet. Mohammed; ‘I have been made victorious with terror’. Historians have estimated that the death toll due to this expansion was est. 270, million …. The European Crusades were an attempt first to push the 1st Jihad of Islam back from Tours in the south of France, and then to push the 2nd jihad of the Turkish caliphate back from the gates of vienna. The Crusades were also an attempt to liberate lands in North Africa and the Middle East that were formerly Christian. Islam took all the scientific advances and knowledge from those lands and peoples it conquered. The desert tribe invented nothing.”

“It’s true: it could be brought back again. Islam is firmly of the dark ages.”