Inayat is ‘fake moderate Muslim’, claims Edmund Standing

Edmund StandingYou might have thought that Inayat Bunglawala’s Muslims4UK campaign against yesterday’s (cancelled) al-Muhajiroun demonstration in central London would have gained almost unanimous support outside the ranks of Anjem Choudary’s tiny gang of idiots.

But no. Mad Melanie Phillips has been joined by Edmund (“the BNP don’t really hate Muslims“) Standing in condemning Inayat’s initiative as a cunning manoeuvre to cover up his extremist views and misrepresent himself as a moderate.

Standing writes: “Bunglawala’s ‘anti-extremist’ drive managed to drum up support largely from extremists: Bob Pitt, an extreme left-winger, and MPAC, an organisation which refuses to condemn Jihadists and whose spokesman actively promotes them. Moderate? Pull the other one!”

In fairness to MPACUK and myself, I think Standing should amend his post to include a denuciation of that well-known pro-Islamist extremist Ed Husain too.