Hundreds expected at anti-sharia demo in London

“One Law for All, the group that campaigns against the adoption of Islamic law or sharia in the UK, is planning a mass demonstration in the centre of London tomorrow, Saturday.”

Ruth Gledhill gives a plug to the latest stupid initiative from the sectarians of the Worker Communist Party of Iran. Well, we shall see how “mass” this demonstration proves to be. Who knows, perhaps Trafalgar Square will be filled with secularists protesting against religious courts.

No, hang on, against Islamic religious courts. The One Law for All website calls for the abolition of “all religious-based tribunals” – but attacks only “Sharia courts”. The Beth Din courts that have operated within the Jewish community for centuries don’t even rate a mention.

What would you say about a campaign against “all religious-based tribunals” that concentrated exclusively on attacking Jewish religious courts? You’d say the organisers of that campaign were antisemites themselves or at least irresponsible idiots whose actions served to encourage antisemitism. Wouldn’t you?