How to fight ‘Islamo-fascism’ – according to Mad Mel

madmel“The West needs strategies conveying to the vast majority of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims that acquiescence to jihadists and their ideologies means a rupture with Western civilization. The consequences for this should be spelled out by withholding Western commerce, the Internet, arms, machinery, and know-how – all of which still represent the bulk of progress as we define it in today’s world…. In the West itself, the last vestiges of tolerance toward Islamic fundamentalism must be removed. Laws targeting extremist speech, Islamic dress, storefront unregulated mosques, and the traffic of immigrant Muslims who do not speak the language nor share the values of freedom must surface in the legal codes of America, Europe, and Australia. The West must clearly process the fact that it is facing an existential threat to its core values, and it cannot be shy about installing tools of war in its democratic practices.”

Mad Mel enthusiasticallly welcomes these proposals: “Exactly. Anything less misses the main point – that it’s ideas that kill, and that it’s these murderous ideas, not just the bomb cells, that must be destroyed.”

Melanie Phillips’s Diary, 5 September 2006