‘How Ken whitewashed the Muslim extremists’

Nick Cohen 3Nick Cohen is upset at the suggestion in the Mayor of London’s recently-published report on media coverage of Muslims that “journalists – including me – conveyed ‘negative associations’ when we wrote that Jack Straw was standing up for the rights of women when he criticised the full veil”. Poor Nick. How could this well-known friend of the Muslim community be so unfairly criticised?

Worse still, “a large chunk of the report was a devious attack on a Panorama exposé of the Muslim Council of Britain by John Ware of the BBC”. And to cap it all, Cohen reveals that the Mayor’s report was compiled with the assistance of that notorious extremist, Inayat Bunglawala of the MCB. Cohen concludes that we have here yet another shocking illustration of how “the Left is going along with the Islamist Right”.

Evening Standard, 14 November 2007