Horrific attack on 55-year-old Muslim woman

In the early hours of Monday morning, as a 55-year-old woman returned home after Suhur (closing fast) at a friends, she was brutally attacked in London’s exclusive Mayfair area in the UK. A man grabbed her from behind and repeatedly punched her in the back of the head.

She fell to the ground face first, he continued his attack with added profanities against Muslims, Ramadhan and Islam. He then grabbed her headscarf that was around her neck and then dragged her along the pavement.

The woman was bleeding and the attacker had her blood on his hands and clothes. In his final act of cowardice he slapped her across the face with his blood-stained hands leaving an imprint of it on her face. She fell unconscious as he ran away leaving her in the street.

The victim was treated in hospital and may need surgery to her face. IHRC has been supporting the victim and the matter has been reported to the Metropolitan police.

IHRC news report, 1 August 2013