Hardline Muslims ‘must go’

David CameronMuslims who want hardline Sharia Law in Brtain should leave the country, Tory leader David Cameron said last night.

The Islamic law uses brutal punishments and is intolerant of women.

Mr Cameron said: “If someone wants to see Sharia Law they should think about going to live in another country. That’s not something we should contemplate.”

Mr Cameron also attacked Tony Blair for not banning radical Islamic groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir – despite a promise after last year’s 7/7 bombings in London.

The Sun, 23 November 2006

Under the heading “Well said, Dave”, a Sun editorial comments: “For once we cannot argue with David Cameron. The Tory leader has condemned Islamic extremists who want to replace our tolerant, liberal way of life with Sharia law. This hardline interpretation of the Koran treats women as chattels and demands death for gays and Jews. The answer, says Mr Cameron, is for fanatics to go and live in another country. We can only add: The sooner the better.”

Over at the Daily Mail, by contrast, Cameron is reported as complaining that Labour leaders are playing “political football” with public fears about terrorism. A typical case of the Tory leader trying to be all things to all people. On the one hand, he comes on as a sensitive liberal over security issues, and on the other he provides the Sun with material to whip up paranoia about “Muslim fanatics”.