Griffin recommends Wilders for Sakharov Prize

British National Party leader and MEP Nick Griffin announced this morning in the European Parliament that he wished to nominate brave Dutch MEP Geert Wilders for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.

Mr Griffin nominated Mr Wilders for “his tireless commitment to freedom of speech and his continuous struggle against islamisation, mass-immigration and the leftish attacks on Western Humanist Judeo-Christian values that destroy Europe from within.”

Referring to the current attempts to prosecute Mr Wilders in his native Holland, Mr Griffin quoted another MEP who said it was a disgrace that in a European country, a man is being prosecuted for defending such a fundamental right as the freedom of speech.

“While our society is changing because of the Islamisation and mass-immigration the Dutch judiciary decided to go after a democratically elected representative for the use of his right of free speech,” Mr Griffin continued.

“The European Parliament should give a signal, by awarding Geert Wilders the Sakharov Prize 2010 that it will not tolerate such monstrous attacks on freedom of speech and the right for any citizen to defend the values that are the historical and undeniable cornerstones of the society they live in.

“Geert Wilders does not give up, even though he is continuously under attack by those who still believe in the multicultural dream and anyone who believes that the barbaric Islam is a contribution to Western society.”

BNP News report, 8 July 2010