German anti-racists mobilise against Islamophobia

The self-appointed “crusaders for a Western Christian Civilization” of the racist party “Pro Deutschland” (Pro Germany) intend to stage an “Anti-Islamist Congress” on 27 and 28 August 2011, in Berlin. Civil society protests have already prevented a similar racist congress from being held twice before in Cologne.

The Berlin branch of “Pro Köln” (Pro Cologne) is being used as a platform by former members of the “National Party of Germany” (NPD), the “German People’s Union” (DVU) and the “Republicans”. Out of all places they have chosen Berlin to rally support for a racist campaign intended to stir up hatred against migrants. They are hoping to repeat the election successes of other European right-wing populist parties in the Berlin state elections on 18 September 2011.

Another right-wing populist party called “Die Freiheit” (Freedom) is pursuing the same strategy. They have invited the racists Geert Wilders of “Partij voor de Vrijheid”/Party for Freedom (PVV), from the Netherlands; Oskar Frysinger of “Schweizerische Volkspartei”/Swiss People’s Party (SVP); and Robert Spencer of JihadWatch, USA to speak at their election rally on 03 September 2011, in Berlin.

Zusammen Handeln! (“Act As One! – Against Racist Agitation and Social Marginalization”) calls for protests against these events.