Fears of ‘the Islamic problem’ brought BNP success at polls

The principal strategy of Nick Griffin, its Cambridge-educated leader, has been to escape the jackbooted, knuckle-dragging image of street-fighting neo-Nazis and to become a popular anti-immigration party. The East End of London has become a stronghold, with the BNP installed as the official opposition on Barking & Dagenham council under the leadership of the artist Richard Barnbrook. Mr Barnbrook made a breakthrough by winning the BNP’s first seat in the London Assembly. The party’s electoral success came after it began concentrating its attacks on Muslims.

Times, 29 May 2008

See also “BNP seeks to make a martyr of activist killed by Muslim elder“. And yes, that’s a reference to Keith Brown, “an unemployed father of seven with a long criminal record” who was responsible for “a frightening campaign of intimidation, violence and racial abuse” against his Muslim neighbours – precisely the sort of racist thug who would make an appropriate “martyr” for the BNP.