Fascists blame Glasgow car bomb on local Muslims

“Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and home to an estimated 25,000 Muslims. We can expect the usual knee-jerk reaction from the establishment liberals that the alleged high levels of poverty found in the Muslim community is a factor driving young male Muslims to extremism. This is of course nonsense as high levels of poverty in Glasgow does not turn native Scots youths into suicide bombers. In reality the fundamentalist interpretation of the Koran, the Islamic holy book is the compelling factor behind these kinds of attacks; commanding as it does a holy war against non-believers to spread the word of Islam by any means necessary, including murder and mayhem. Suicide bombers are held in esteem by their immediate families and the wider Muslim community and those who die for Islam are promised ‘unlimited sex with 72 virgins in heaven’ … ‘beautiful like rubies, with complexions like diamonds and pearls’.”

BNP news article, 30 June 2007

Update:  Never a model of consistency, the BNP now argues that the terrorists were not in fact homegrown at all. Utilising a police report that “none of the suspects is British in origin”, the fascists demand: “Doesn’t common sense suggest that we should refuse entry into Britain to all would-be immigrants and ‘asylum-seekers’ either known, or suspected, to be adherents of a certain religion?”