Far-right graffiti attack on Contrexéville mosque

Contrexéville mosque graffiti

France 3 reports that last Friday night a new mosque at Contrexéville in north-east France was sprayed with swastikas, along with slogans against Islam and in support of the far-right Front National and its leader Marine Le Pen. The report notes that the As-Salam de Tomblaine mosque, also in the north-east, was similarly targeted by fascists last month. Vosges Matin adds that the graffiti in Contrexéville included homophobic abuse.

Update:  Emphasising that the Contrexéville graffiti is part of a general pattern of far-right attacks on mosques, the Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en France writes:

“The CCIF strongly condemns these cowardly acts, and repeats its call for the minister responsible for religion to extend to Muslim sites the security plan for Jewish sites launched in 2002 by Nicolas Sarkozy. Islamophobic acts against places of worship are multiplying, and no action is being taken by the authorities to curb this phenomenon. Islamophobia must be made the object of zero tolerance: the government must send a strong message in order to put an end to the sense of impunity that exists among the perpetrators of these acts of hatred.”