Far-right campaign fails – Skegness halal abattoir application granted

A Skegness abattoir which has sparked controversy over its plans to reopen as a halal slaughterhouse, has had an application to run granted.

Premier Halal Ltd, which appears to be a Yorkshire based meat wholesalers, had its documents approved on November 16. A spokesperson for the Food Standards Agency said: “This approval allows the company to operate both as a slaughterhouse and cutting plant, in relation to cattle, calves, sheep and goats.”

Workmen have been seen at the Heath Road site but no confirmation has been received regarding its official opening date.

A catalogue of political groups have campaigned against it in previous weeks, including the far right, National Front who marched in the area in September, BNP party leader, Nick Griffin MEP also visited the Standard office in October to offer his voice and an animal welfare group, also formed in August, opposed to halal slaughter, set up the “Say NO to halal slaughter in Skegness” on Facebook.

Skegness Standard, 23 November 2012