Evening Standard feeds fascist propaganda

“Muslims called for the Queen to ‘Go to Hell’ as they burnt the flag of St George on the streets of London on Friday”, the British National Party reports. They refer their supporters to this article from Friday’s This Is London (the Evening Standard ‘s website) which, typically, gave completely disproportionate coverage to the provocative activities of a tiny and completely unrepresentative group of nutters around Omar Bakri’s former lieutenant Anjem Choudary.

In a caption accompanying a picture of Choudary’s supporters demonstrating against the decision to give a knighthood to Salman Rushdie, This Is London informed its readers that “the protest has drawn hundreds of angry British muslims to Regents Park Mosque in North London”. The Guardian, by contrast, put the figure at “about 20” while the Telegraph estimated “two dozen“.

Needless to say, This Is London didn’t see fit to quote this letter from Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain. They prefer to falsely associate British Muslims with a self-publicising idiot like Anjem Choudary and feed the racist propaganda of the BNP.