Evangelical Christians plan anti-Islam conference in Australia

An evangelical church leader who blamed bushfires in February on Victoria’s abortion laws will address an anti-Muslim Christian conference alongside the Reverend Fred Nile and state Liberal MLC David Clarke this year.

Mr Nile invited the leader of the Catch the Fire ministries, Pastor Danny Nalliah, to address the National Conference for all Concerned Christians on November 21 on the theme ”Australia’s Future and Global Jihad”, an event Mr Nile said was about ”strengthening Australia’s Christian heritage”.

”We are concerned with the conflict between Islam and Christianity that is happening around the world,” Mr Nile said.

Mr Nalliah told the Herald the alleged terrorist plot on Holsworthy barracks by men with links to the Somali terrorism group al-Shabab showed why Christianity should be protected ”as the core value of the nation”.

”At some point we have to draw the line and say enough is enough,” he said. ”The nation has to stand for its Christian values, irrespective of whether all people practise Christianity or not.”

Mr Nalliah will deliver a speech on the topic ”Is the West being de-Christianised?”

Sydney Morning Herald, 10 August 2009