EDL to stage rally but not march through Cambridge

The English Defence League (EDL) will not be marching through Cambridge, but will be kept to one place in the city, police said.

The Cambridgeshire force is planning its strategy to deal with the demonstration by the right- wing group which has protested against the building of a new mosque off Mill Road.

But almost 700 protesters have signed up to march against the group under the banner of Cambridge Unite Against Fascism (CUAF). Muslim leaders and politicians have signed a list opposing the EDL’s planned march on February 23.

Richard Rose, of CUAF, said: “I think it is a clear sign of the weakness of EDL that they are now having a static protest rather than a march.

“We are delighted they will not be marching through Cambridge and we want them to have their little gathering in an out-of-the-way place such as an out-of-town car park and not in the city centre which would cause disruption.

“We are also pleased with the amount of support we’ve had including from the three mosques in Cambridge and from more councillors. We want to send a clear message that the EDL is not wanted here and they have no support.”

Cambridge News, 29 January 2013

Update:  See “Keep protest in our multicultural city peaceful, EDL told”, Cambridge News, 30 January 2013