EDL to protest outside Harrow Council over Halal school menus

A far right group that backed last year’s Harrow mosque protests looks set to demonstrate in the borough over Halal school menus. The English Defence League, which says it wants a peaceful protest, is demonstrating against Halal only meat menus in the borough’s schools, an issue that has already proved divisive among residents locally.

A statement on a Facebook event created by the group reads: “The English Defence League is against the inhumane slaughter of animals to produce Halal meat. The English Defence League is also against the rituals of Islam being forced upon our next generation without choice.”

Harrow Times, 28 October 2010

See also “English Defence League should ‘go home’, says Harrow MP Bob Blackman”, Harrow Times, 28 October 2010

Update:  See “Harrow Council tells EDL to cancel protest over Halal school dinners”, Harrow Times, 29 October 2010