EDL thugs banned from protests outside Birmingham

Two English Defence League (EDL) thugs have been banned from joining protests outside Birmingham for 10 years.

Richard Price, 41, and Collum Keyes, 23, were the first members of the EDL to be issued with Asbos. The right-wing group, which says it is opposed to Islamic extremism, has sparked riots across the Midlands.

The Brummie pair previously pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct at a march and admitted threatening behaviour.

Sunday Mercury, 19 December 2010

See also BBC News, 17 December 2010 and Bucks Herald, 17 December 2010

Still, if they ever make it to New York for an SIOA protest, they can rely on Pamela Geller giving them a warm welcome.

And see “EDL protesters fined for threats to police”, Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 18 December 2010