EDL postpones Bournemouth demo


Controversial protest group the English Defence League has cancelled a demonstration in Bournemouth which would have coincided with the visit of Millwall Football Club.

The organisation, which calls itself an “anti-Islamist” campaign group, said it was calling off a planned march because it was only a week ahead of another march in Bradford. A statement on the EDL Bournemouth and Poole Facebook page said:

“Dear Bournemouth and supporting divisions, I’m deeply sorry to announce that the division’s demonstration due to be held on October 5 has now been cancelled. This was a group decision based on the fact the Bradford demo is the following week and it’s unfair to ask supporters to travel twice within seven days. Another factor was the underfunded Bournemouth police who are already having to draw in extra help due to Millwall being in town. We will be protesting soon though – watch this space.”

A Facebook group called BHStopedl, which was organising a counter-demonstration, has also called off its plans. It said on its Facebook page: “The EDL are part of a wider shift to the (far) right in British politics that scapegoats Islam and immigrants for the problems we face. They want society to return back to a mythical ‘golden age’ where everyone knew their place.”

Bournemouth Echo, 2 October 2013

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