EDL organiser threatens to hold another protest in Portsmouth

Mickey Bayliss (2)The leader of a fascist group has said there will be another protest. Mickey Bayliss [pictured], the English Defence League’s regional organiser for the south west, has announced another march against a Muslim school will take place in Portsmouth.

The call for a second protest comes after Mr Bayliss was unhappy with what Portsmouth City Council leader, Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said after the weekend’s protest. Cllr Vernon-Jackson said it was unacceptable that fireworks were thrown during a supposedly peaceful protest.

Mr Bayliss said: “The council cannot not tell us what we can or cannot do. We have the freedom to do what we want and we will be holding another march this weekend. We will not be announcing when or where and we will not be co-ordinating with the police. The march will be against the Madani Academy again as well as the council.”

Portsmouth News, 20 August 2013