EDL member who threw concrete at police at anti-Islam protest fails to appear in court for sentencing

A 28-year-old man caught on camera hurling lumps of concrete at the police during an English Defence League demonstration in Bradford city centre was ordered to appear at Court today or be arrested.

Michael Currie failed to attend Bradford Crown Court yesterday to be sentenced for an affray on Saturday, August 28, last year. Currie sent a doctor’s note saying he was unwell because of anxiety and unfit for work for a fortnight. His barrister, Thomas Gilbart, said he was encouraged by his solicitor to attend but said he was unable to.

The sentencing judge, The Recorder of Bradford, Judge James Stewart QC, said: “I would be anxious if I was in his position, frankly.” The judge added: “I don’t see that as a basis for his not being here.”

Telegraph & Argus, 23 December 2011

Update:  See “Judge raps CPS over Bradford EDL protest case”, Telegraph & Argus, 24 December 2011