EDL cancel Harrow protest over Halal school menus due to ‘Tommy’s court case’

An Islamaphobic group has reportedly called off a planned Harrow demonstration due to the start of its founder’s trial.

The English Defence League (EDL) had been due to protest against Halal meat being served in schools outside Harrow Civic Centre, in Station Road, on January 15. But forum pages for the group say the event has been canceled because of the start of “Tommy’s court case”.

Stephen Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson, is facing a charge of assaulting a police officer following a counter-protest in Kensington against an Islamist group which burned poppies to mark Armistice Day. He pleaded not guilty at West London Magistrates Court and his trial is due to start on January 12.

A quote on an EDL forum page attributed to Andy Bowie, national organiser, reads: “For those that did not see the cancellation notification, the EDL leadership have decided to cancel the planned Harrow demonstration in January. Tommy’s court case is 3 days before the date set and then we have the big one in Luton on 5th February.”

Instead the group is urging its members to attend court to show their support for Mr Lennon.

Harrow Times, 1 December 2010

No doubt Lennon and the EDL leadership calculate that the trial may not be over by 15 January and that it will hardly help Lennon’s case if the EDL are seen rioting on the streets of Harrow. In fact it’s the same calculation that led Geert Wilders to reject the EDL’s Amsterdam demonstration in his support during his own trial.