Dudley Muslim Association to go ahead with Hall Street development after failing to find alternative site

Muslim leaders are going ahead with a controversial multi-million pound mosque in Dudley town centre after abandoning hopes an alternative site will be found.

The Dudley Muslim Association says it has “no choice” but to prepare a full planning application for a mosque and community centre on land in Hall Street. Chairman Khurshid Ahmed said members could not wait any longer. They have decided to pursue the Hall Street proposal, which is expected to cost up to £1 2million and for which outline planning permission has already been secured. Detailed plans must be in by July next year.

The news is a hammer blow to Dudley Council. It has been involved in months of delicate negotiations with the DMA over Hall Street, which has attracted huge protests. The authority claimed in May the DMA had agreed to ditch the scheme in favour of a scaled down proposal in Castle Hill. The Castle Hill proposal was later ruled out sparking a fresh search for new sites.

Mr Ahmed said today: “We have no choice but to go ahead and make a full planning application for Hall Street. I’m very disappointed the council have not been able to come up with a viable alternative which would have resolved the issue.”

Express & Star, 7 September 2010

And note the comments that follow the report. There are a few individuals arguing in defence of the development, but they are outnumbered by the usual crowd of bigots:

“so the wishes of the Dudley majority christian population go ignored”

“problem is if you disagree with the muslim faith your a racist, just remember voters who to vote for next time eh”

“Got to think of the future majority population and their vote. IT WILL BE BUILT”

“no need for anymore mosques there are far too many in this country as it is”

“As their number increase,then so does the need to build more mosques”

“If this mosque is built it will be like the new mecca and thousands of muslims will move into Dudley and surrounding areas”

“If this goes ahead then it shows Councils and the Government are not for the indignous population. Why should one faith cause so much trouble for the majority? Why should their demands be continually met, yet those of others ignored. And why is one minority so demanding and intent in destroying their ‘host’ homeland?”


“Im sorry but this is just wrong, what has a muslim mosque and community centre got to do with the black country roots……… Nothing!!!!”

“NO ! NO ! NO ! NO ! No more mosques – Full stop”

“The best site would be in Mecca!”