Denmark: Three Muslims attacked after embassy bombing

The former spokesperson of the Islamic Faith Society (IFS), Kasem Said Ahmed, was attacked on his way to work, soon after the attack on the Danish embassy in Islamabad was announced in the Danish media.  The attack occurred at the Ryparken station in Copenhagen.

Ahmed said that a man came up to him and asked if he wasn’t an imam and then punched him in the face.  Fortunately two Danish men quickly came and pushed him away.  He believes the attack is connected to the bombing in Pakistan.  He was not injured and therefore decided not to report the attack to the police.

Two women on their way to prayer were threatened by three hooded men next to the IFS mosque in Dortheavej, Nørrebro (Copenhagen).

ISF says they have received several hate-mails from angry Danes on Monday.  The mails said that Muslims should go back where they came from as Allah will continue to be insulted.

Billal Assaad, ISF’s chairman, says that they’re tired of being blamed for the terror attack.  They had sent out a press release in both Danish and Arabic where they deplored and rejected the attack.

Per Larsen of the Copenhagen police says they will make sure to deal such attacks before it gets out of hand and develops into something unstoppable.

Islam in Europe, 4 June 2008