Damian Thompson falls out with Pope

“I don’t often have a go at Pope Benedict XVI,” Thompson writes, “but WHY is he supporting the United Nations conference on ‘racism’ in Geneva?” He quotes the Pope as stating: “We ask for firm and consistent action, at national and international level, to prevent and eliminate any form of discrimination and of intolerance.” Admirable sentiments, you might think. But Thompson is having none of it:

“With respect, Holy Father, it’s not an opportunuity [sic] to fight racism; like the disgusting fiasco in Durban in 2001, it’s an opportunity for African dictators and Jew-baiting Islamists to fulminate against Israel and the neo-Nazi, anti-Arab hordes that are sweeping across racist Europe, while dismissing any trifling Muslim assaults on other faiths as Islamophobic myths.”

Holy Smoke, 19 April 2009