Daily Express attacked for ‘disgraceful’ headline

An article by Gabriel Milland in the 17 August issue of the Daily Express, reporting on a YouGov poll which found that three-quarters of respondents believed that Britain was engaged in a battle against “Islamic terrorists”, carried the misleading headline “Britain says: we’re at war with Islam“.

Asians in Media reproduces a letter of complaint sent to the editor of the Express: “I was disgusted to read your article headlined ‘Britain says: We’re at war with Islam’. This article is a disgrace because the headline does not in anyway correctly portray the contents of the article and has obviously been chosen purely to sell more newspapers.”

Asians in Media, 20 August 2006

Complaints can be sent to the editor at peter.hill@express.co.uk and to Mr Milland at gabriel.milland@express.co.uk.