‘Close down all the Deobandi establishments and confiscate their assets’

“Apart from having no interest in being part of a tolerant democracy, the Deobandis preach contempt for, and often violence against, ‘the infidels’. They control roughly half the British mosques and Islamic seminaries, and they present a dangerous and polluting presence. Hand-wringing and calling upon their co-religionists to oppose the Deobandis is not an adequate response.

“The Government should close down all the Deobandi establishments and confiscate their assets. It should also take a hard, close look at some of the other Islamic sects active here that are not far behind the Deobandis in their abuse of British generosity and their loathing of all that Britain stands for.”

Letter in the Times, 10 September 2007

The author rejoices in the name of Patrick Vidaud de Plaud. For an earlier example of his views on Islam, see the International Herald Tribune, 27 July 2007

Greater prominence is however given to another letter which asserts: “The recent guidance published by the Muslim Council of Britain for the state schools is a fine example of their policies towards self-segregation and imposition of a harsh doctrine within Muslim families, which can only lead to a polarised and disenfranchised society, fostering discontent and thereby fulfilling the agenda of Saudi and Pakistani religious right.”

And who is the author of that piece of anti-MCB propaganda? It’s Shaaz Mahboob of an outfit called British Muslims for Secular Democracy, who agrees with David Cameron that there is a parallel between the MCB and the BNP.